Monday, October 20, 2008


dear mazi,

just like in a song, RESPECT, is really a big thing to me! at a very young age, this is one of the values that we constantly talk to you about. the intention is for it to be one of your foundation. you know, things like, respect the elders, respect your friends, or respect everyone basically. that has been what we always try to follow every single day.

i chose this topic in this post coz of our recent met-ups with some of our relatives here.

it pains me to see the sons not giving due respect to their mom. they even fail to show any affection to their mom. i am not saying to cuddle up or kiss every now and then, i mean, its their mom's bday and they can't even smile for pictures nor stay close to each other. i also have not seen or observed them being grateful to their mom with their opportunity to live here in canada. the sad part is, i was also informed how disrespectful and these kids are to their mom. hurling hurtful and "bad" words to their mom.

you know mazi, that is one thing that i will not allow to happen. of course, i'm sure you know already coz there are times you got in trouble with me and mommy on how you treat us. the way you talk, respond and even act.

you know that every single day that passes, we always remind you to be thankful of what you have. be happy with what we have. be contantly respectful and courteous to everybody.

i can't help not making a big deal out of this respect thing, because, i also learned this from my parents. same way, we want you to grow up with the proper values intact.

this is all for now.



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