Sunday, October 5, 2008

embarrassing moments

dear mazi,

last night was so much fun chit chatting with you, your cousins and friends at your cousins house. how coult it not be, we had a wonderful dinner with relatives and family-friends (hot pot, crispy pata, steak and KFC chicken), then, everybody settled to doing their own thing. tita nancy and jay, watching a movie online, some of the kids playing DS and PSP, some of us doing Wii Fit and the others browsing the internet.

then we all settled in the living room to do "Family Feud Game online". oh it was a blast!! we are the noisiest bunch!! good thing the neighbors didn't call RCMP to silence us. the boys won the first game while you guys (girls and ladies) won and the second/rematch game where you even won the 20 thousand bonus money!! wow!!

then, it was getting late, we retreated to ninong jr's room for some fun. we started teasing mikee about her ear then she teased me back about my being overweight and would be perfect as santa claus.

i started telling them about embarrassing moments (which i started by telling them about your classmate 's and your embarrassing moments at school). that set-off everybody by sharing their embarrasing moments. alyssa mentioned a lot (about poo, farting and toilet jokes), same way with mikee. you also shared about farting ang poo while allison had a hard time sharing coz she said she can't remember any. then, of course, alyssa shared so much again.

even mommy, tried to share her embarrassing moments, although we kept on ribbing her about talking in english!! same with ninong jr who shared about that time when he was in high school and had to bring "coleman food container" separated into 3 parts with water, chicken and rice. he dragged it on the floor then all of a sudden, the container opened and all the food and water spilled onto the floor. he had to pick it up and throw away. ending, he didnt have any lunch and had to buy from the cafeteria. im sure he got a lot of teasing from his schoolmates.

i also shared about having my colds ballooned on my nose while talking before. had to pop it coz it was sooo funny and embarrassing!. mommy shared about her recent embarrassing moment while riding the bus going to work in downtown. funny that she tried to knock the door open and shouting to let the driver open the door where in fact it wasnt a bus stop yet. all the other passengers were looking at her with amazement. good thing nobody knows her in that bus. hehehe.

it was a lot of exchanging stories. we all had fun laughing at ourselves and our silly experiences. maybe we can do a lot of these in the future. these are memories that would last. you know, you guys will also talk about it when you grow old/older.

anyway, this is it for now. we'll do some more funny stuff with your friends pretty soon, im sure.

love you,


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