Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008..the year that was! 2009...charging ahead!!

dear mazi,

today is the last of the year 2008 and i am currently holed up in our branch here in abbotsford. i needed to drive here (about an hour and a half drive) to observe the inventory taking. mommy is also at work today, eventhough she was not feeling well, because of some urgent matters.

anyway, i would like to sum up here the year 2008.... and also to look forward to what we will be planning for 2009.

here it goes....

2008 started a little bit differenct for daddy and mommy. daddy became so busy working on a project at work. i generally worked from 8am to 11pm everyday from january to july. i even went to work on weekends due to the heavy work load. i was trying to resolve some big problems in one of our branch. it was a tough first half of the year for daddy. there were times that we have to spend lunch or dinner at my work during weekends because i still can not go home. you and mommy just brought me some food to share. you also met my boss and had a little chat with him.

mommy's first half of the year was "uneventful" because she decided to take a break from corporate life. she was taking care of you full time. you were sooo happy that you get to bond with mommy everyday. she brings and picks you up from school and other activities every single day.

last april, we had our cousins from australia staying in our place for almost two weeks. that was a really good break for daddy from work. we drove around and ate to so many different restaurants during that visit. we went to seattle and stayed overnight at hampton inn near boeing plant at everett. it was great times. you were able to play and got to know your cousins way better. we had the tour of boeing plant where you got to try the simulated flight in a fighter jet. it was awesome (coz daddy tried it too!).

we had a wonderful time with uncle naz, auntie rin, nj and ot. and so with the dadamias although they stayed with tito alvin's place.

after they left, mommy started to look for a job. she wanted to go back to workforce (we needed to augment our income coz we needed to buy some more of this and some more of that!! hehehe). Before she got back to work, we decided to do a quick trip to san diego and los angeles.

that was the beginning of june. we flew from seattle. we stayed overnight at tito sime's place and had him drove and picked us up at the airport. lolo nonoy drove to la to pick us up. we stayed at their place for two nights. on the day we arrived, he brought us to ruby diner in the middle of the beach at oceanside, ca where he lives together with lola elsa. it was great. we got to see so many things in that area. you even wanted to swim!!!

we went to legoland for a whole day with mommy. it was soooo much fun. see the picture banner in this blog, that was one of your pics at legoland. a lot of people are staring at you coz you were so japorms. they said that you are so fashionable. wow!! we were so tired after that whole day visit. it was well worth it though. oh i should not forget that you got your first driver's license at legoland too. you had so much fun driving that volvo car.

our last night at san diego was spent having dinner in one of the thai resto there together with lolo nonoy and tita candy. oh before i forget, were able to try again jollibee and red ribbon restaurant. after almost 5 years we were able to eat jollibee chicken again....and again, coz that was what we had also when we went back to la. oh the ensaymada and ube cake were great too!!

the following day, we were driven back to la by lola elsa. we went back to universal studios. remember we went there when you were only 4? universal studios was on the news that day because of the fire that gotten one of the production area. but still, the park is open for us to explore and enjoy. and enjoyed we did!!!

we had lots of fun going thru the rides and watching some shows. i must admit, the best ride was when we got into the jurassic park boat. it was awesome!! you were so brave!! we again watched waterworld and got inside the horror house. (i think this is where you lost your sunglasses.

anyway, it was soooo much fun. you, mommy and i had a blast. we went back to the hotel dead tired. still, we tried to drive around la especially the beach area.

the following day, before heading to the airport, we went to the hollywood area where we took pictures (tons of them) of the handprints and some guys/gals in customer. we also walked around beverly hills and ogle at some of the wonderful items there. we also drove to one of the beach to have our pictures taken. you were frolicking in the sand and didnt want to go. just goes to show how much you love the beach or water in general.

to be continued....

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ang maputing pasko 2008

dear mazi,

merry christmas sweetheart! 6th christmas in richmond, bc!! wow!! for the first time, we experienced white christmas!! everywhere you look, it is blindingly white! it was awesome!

well, this time, i will try to write you in tagalog since you want us to talk to you in it goes....

anak, maswerte tayo at nakaraning tayo dito sa bansang pangako.... ok rin naman ang buhay natin sa pilipinas subalit mas naging kaaya-aya at maunlad ang ating pamumuhay mula ng lumipat tayo dito sa canada. dito tayo unang nagkaroon ng sariling bahay at mga sasakyan. naging masigasig din kami ng nanay mo sa aming mga karera. nabiyayaan kami ng mga trabahong nagbigay satin ng karangyaan sa buhay.

natustusan natin ang mga pangangailangan at mga rangya sa buhay. nakapagliwaliw tayo sa ibang bansa at nakaranas ng maraming bagay na nagpapaligaya sa atin.

tayo ay nagpapasalamat unang una sa poong maykapal sa pagbibigay sa atin ng ganitong pagkakataon at sa lahat ng biyayang ating natatanggap. ganon din ang patuloy nyang paggabay sa ating araw araw na buhay. hindi rin nya pinabayaan ang ating mga mahal sa buhay. patuloy nyang ginagabayan tayong lahat.

ang paskong ito ay ang patuloy na paggunita sa pagsilang sa ating mahal na poon. dapat ay patuloy nating isapuso at isip na ito ang dahilan kung bakit tayo nagsasaya at naghahanda tuwing darating ang ganitong panahon. ang lahat ng meron tayo ay patuloy nating idinudulog at iniaalay sa kanya.

sa ngayon, natutuwa ako at ikaw ay naligayahan sa mga regalong iyong natanggap mula sa amin at sa iyong mga mahal sa buhay. sana ay patuloy mong pagyamanin ang pagmamahal at pagpapahalaga na binibigay namin sa iyo.

patuloy ka sanang lumaki na nagmamahal sa diyos at nabubuhay ayon sa kanyang kagustuhan. patuloy mo rin sanang mahalin ang iyong mga magulang, at mga kamag-anak. lumaki ka nawa na may pagmamahal sa puso at respeto sa kapwa. patuloy ka sana magsumikap sa iyong pag-aaral at patuloy na abutin ang iyong mga pangarap. maging maligaya ka nawa sa pipiliin mong karera.

ikaw ang aming buhay ng iyong ina. ikaw ang aming tanglaw sa aming buhay. ang lahat ng pinagsusumikapan namin ay para sa iyo at sa amin. maging maayos masaya ka sana sa lahat ng desisyon na iyong gagawin sa iyong buhay.

masyado ng seryoso ang aking mga nalathala sa itaas. gusto ko lang maiparating sa iyo ang aming taus pusong pagmamahal at ang aming pangako na patuloy ka pa rin namin gagabayan.



Tuesday, December 23, 2008

santa letters

dear mazi,

i just want to post here the santa letter you kiddos got this Christmas. This is really nice.

Christmas 2008

Dear Mazi,

It is Christmas time once again!!! Have you been NAUGHTY or NICE this past year?? Tell me! On second thoughts, you don’t need to because I knew you have been very good this year!

I am happy that you are doing very well in both your school and extra-curricular activities like swimming, tennis, arts, singing and your other interests.

Keep up the good work. Study harder and eat a lot!! Continue to discover new things and always have fun! Improve your participation in school activities. Stay active!

Continue to be respectful of everybody. Continue being sweet and caring to your loved ones. They sure liked it!!

I know you are asking for hair curler as a gift from me. I’m sorry that I can not give in to your request as I think you are still young to use it and will just ruin your long shiny hair. Maybe in the next few years when you are already grown up, you can have one of those. Meantime, I gathered some of the most fashionable clothes that I am sure you would like. Have fun wearing and styling them. You are growing up to be one lovely girl.

Until next year. Ciao!!


Christmas 2008

Dear Sean Anthony,

Do you still believe that I exist?? If not, do not open my gift to you anymore, I will just give them to some kids who still believe in me. Kidding!

Anyway, congratulations on your swimming class !! You did very well, imagine you were accelerated, that means your mom saved some money! I know that you are also doing good in your other activities, keep it up! Kudos also for your very good performance at your preschool class.

Please continue to be a very good kiddo. Your parents are so proud of you. I have wrapped something that I believe you would be very happy. Enjoy it!!

Until next year. Ciao!!

Christmas 2008

Dear Allison,

Wow, you are so grown up now!! That cute smile and hearty laugh really fill the room. Have you started drinking milk yet? Remember, I mentioned that in my last letter to you.

Anyway, congratulations in your performance at school. You did very good!! It is so nice seeing you participating in school activities. It makes me smile to see you helping out your dad in some work at home. You are the efficient assistant. Are you now having fun in your swimming class? I hope you do.

Thanks for still believing in me. I made sure that I heard it right when you requested this gift. I hope it fits well. Be careful in rolling….. Get it??

Have a wonderful Christmas, I’m sure your family prepared a lot to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Take care.

Until next year. Ciao!!

Christmas 2008

Dear Alyssa,

You are the performer!! You really wow all of them!! Keep singing those joyful Christmas songs. I loved it!! It was fun seeing you dance as well. You bring joy and happiness to a lot of people. Keep it up!

What can I say? Well, you have been doing extremely well in school, making waves in your swimming class, hitting those nice tunes in your choir in school, and being a great kid to your parents. Being the eldest, you have shown great traits and attitude that your younger siblings can imitate. At a young age, you have shown maturity and have been very responsible. Your parents are so proud and happy! Continue being such a lovely and wonderful daughter as you are. Also, a great big sis to Sean and Allison.

Well, I know that you now have doubts to my existence but that did not prevent me from sending you something. I hope you use it on things that you really like. Have fun. Go girl!!

Until next year. Ciao!!


love you,


Thursday, December 11, 2008

It is our 5th Anniversary here in Canada!

dear mazi,

today marks our 5th year here in Canada. wow, how time flies!!!! it feels like few weeks or months ago.

first, we thank the BIG GUY up there for giving us this opportunity to move here in Canada. It has been and continues to be a wonderful place to live in. With the five years, so many things have happened to us. More of the great ones!!! memories have been etched to our minds, new friends connected, work-life improvements, great travels around and so on and so forth!

credit for this opportunity to live here also goes to your Tito Alvin as he basically paved the way for all of us. we wouldn't consider moving here had he not migrated here first. they persuaded us to make the decision to jump in as well.

it was a courageous decision for myself and your mom as we really didn't know what lies ahead in this country. back in the Philippines, we were working in some good companies holding respectable positions. although, we knew that it will be a long while before we will be able to afford the things that we want in life, we know that we are ok there. at the same time, we are also adventurous and wanted to make a change, so we decided to try our luck here.

the first year here in canada was a little difficult since you have to make so many adjustments. from weather conditions to working environment. career advancement is harder since they generally dont recognize what we had achieved back home. mommy and i persevered, with the continues guidance of the Lord, we were able to achieve things that are somehow harder to get.

it is still a work-in-progress for us but we know that with HIM looking after us, we will always be in the good if not better!

i hope we would be able to proceed with our plans to visit the Philippines this spring so we can revisit the places we hang out before, reconnect with friends and most of all, be with our families.

i always say that we are so fortunate to have what we have now. and as always, we are gratefull for all these blessings.

so, let's continue the journey and go in the path that the Good Lord has laid for us.

we love you,


Thursday, December 4, 2008

NINE Wonderful Years and counting....

dear mazi,

today, december 4th, marks the 9th wedding anniversary of your mom and i!! it's been 9 years since we committed to each other undying love and support to one another sealed by the sacrament of marriage and witnessed by all of our loved ones and friends. how time is still seemed like yesterday. memories the union are still crystal clear in our minds, the happiness and the excitement filled the church and the reception room on that day. there were some glithces though, but those were drowned by the wonderful memories that happened that night.

i love and continue to love your mom. she's my bestfriend and my anchor. she makes me better and whole. we continue to cherish the foundation of our relationship which is love and trust with the continuing guidance and blessings from the BIG GUY above. Having you nine months after the wedding was the perfect gift and the greatest blessing of all.

the marriage that we have continues to be a work in progress as there is really no perfect marriage. we keep on making each other better for one another. we continue to love and value the relationship that we have. having you make this union a lot tighter than it already is.

so, tonight, mommy and daddy are going to a wonderful intimate dinner just like the old days, to again look back and enjoy the memories of the great day we had on December 4, 1999.

we will have a dinner celebration with our relatives in our house tomorrow to celebrate this 9th wedding anniversary again.

this is all for now,

we love you!


Monday, November 24, 2008

rough week...make it weeks

dear mazi,

gosh, it's been ages since the last time i made an entry. but anyway, this one will be short. i just want to air out this bad weeks that have happening with me and your mom. no, don't get me wrong, it is not our relationship, it is related to work, our respective jobs and some more. the relationship's been always better if not great.

i am just in an unenviable position at work due to some "issues" with nasty stuff, you know, things that people do that hurts not just one but the whole. but that kind of activities where they will somehow end up in jail. well, anyway, i was beating myself up for not discovering it earlier and had the company suffer for more than a year. if it had been caught earlier, we wouldn't have to write off millions of dollars. oh well. i just felt that i was not able to really show them that i am really good at my job. but you know, i have to move on, just like what my boss has told me. so....that's it.

mom's having issues with her tax and work. hopefully, it will get sorted out pretty soon as it might affect our financials. the work side, hopefully, something or an opportunity will come up close to where we live so that she can move closer to home and be happy again with her job. it is just a constant and daily struggle for her to go to work. of course, if i have a way, or if we are earning more than enough, maybe mommy does not need to work and just take care of you everyday. but things are different here. so, let us not give more headache and stress to mommy, ok? let's just be with her and make her laugh all the time.

as you know, we try to avoid bringing issues like this at home coz it certainly affects our daily lives. don't worry mommy and daddy are trying hard to do the best they can so we can have a happy home!!!!

we love you.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008


dear mazi,

we had a blast trick or treating with your friends, that is for sure! this year was a bit different from previous halloween celebration we had. this time, you requested that you will be with your friends from school instead of going to your cousins' house and their friends. we were actually surprised that you wanted to do it your way this time. imagine, weeks before you already had it planned with your friends, you know, the slumber party and the trick or treating together.
so hey, mommy and i are not complaining, whatever works for you! so, this year, you wanted to be a scary vampire!! it worked quite well. you wore your costume in school the whole day. then, in the evening, we went with you and your friends to do trick or treating to the neighboring houses/apartments. daddy wore a somewhat a-scary red mask while mommy was in her purple wig. it was sooo much fun. i decided to join you and your friends from asking treats to the neighbors. i had a blast. imagine, i got the same amount of candies and chocolates as you are.
so, all in all, it was great. later that night, we went back home and asked some family friends to come over for some drinks.
it was all good. til next year!! let's see what costumes we are gonna be wearing then.



Days Inn is OUT!!!

dear Mazi,

guess what happened to me last night? well, i'm here in saskatoon since monday for my regular visit of the branch here. last week, i tried to book my accommodation in the usual hotel/s i normally stayed in. unfortunately, all of these hotels are fully booked for the week. so, i ended up booking at days inn for the first time. i tried to read the feedback about the hotel and seemed ok, so i proceed. i agreed that i'll be moving rooms on the 3 nights that i am at the hotel since on the second night, they dont have an available non-smoking room.

monday night came, i was ushered to my room. it looks ok. you would have loved the pool though as they have a nice run-around slide and a nice jacuzzi. i didnt try it though coz i was too tired. i was informed by the front desk that i can leave my luggage the following morning to them so they'll just move it to the new smoking room assigned to me. i did not leave my luggage the following morning as i dont trust them well enough.

anyway, the night came and i went back to the hotel, lo and behold, they cancelled my reservation and was told that there was no room for me. HUH?!!! obviously, my being "antipatiko" and "stand up for my right" attitude came out again!! they heard good words from me, so of course they relented and provided me a room. it is on a smoking room, no luck for a non-smoking one. well, i'll take it coz i dont want to sleep on the road. heh!

my gosh, i will never stay in a smoking room ever again!! i think i was only able to sleep for about a few hours. getting up in the middle of my sleep coz of breathing problems. my eyes seemed puffy and my nose keeps on clogging. its like being put in a smoking chamber... im exhagerating, of course, but you get the drift.

that was so unhealthy. that room really sucks. i mean who could sleep or stay in such a room? so, for all of you out there, NEVER EVER stay in a smoking room. and for those who smokes, PLEASE PLEASE SMOKE OUTSIDE OF THE BUILDING. you are not doing any good to yourself and to other people!!

so there, that is my rant for the day!!

oh ok, tonight is my last night in the hotel. i will be staying in a non-smoking room, thank God!

there you go,


Thursday, October 30, 2008


dear mazi,

don't laught at me now.... i know you have been staring at my food every dinner time for the past 3 days. you are laughing about the types of food i needed to eat during this trying times. hehehehehe....see, i really want to lose weight. i thought of jump-starting it by doing the 3-day diet which is supposed to make me lose at least 6 pounds. well, i've tried this before and i can attest that it really did work. so, here i am again....

let's see tomorrow if i finally lose that 10 lbs i aimed for.

i'll make an update on this tomorrow.



Monday, October 20, 2008


dear mazi,

just like in a song, RESPECT, is really a big thing to me! at a very young age, this is one of the values that we constantly talk to you about. the intention is for it to be one of your foundation. you know, things like, respect the elders, respect your friends, or respect everyone basically. that has been what we always try to follow every single day.

i chose this topic in this post coz of our recent met-ups with some of our relatives here.

it pains me to see the sons not giving due respect to their mom. they even fail to show any affection to their mom. i am not saying to cuddle up or kiss every now and then, i mean, its their mom's bday and they can't even smile for pictures nor stay close to each other. i also have not seen or observed them being grateful to their mom with their opportunity to live here in canada. the sad part is, i was also informed how disrespectful and these kids are to their mom. hurling hurtful and "bad" words to their mom.

you know mazi, that is one thing that i will not allow to happen. of course, i'm sure you know already coz there are times you got in trouble with me and mommy on how you treat us. the way you talk, respond and even act.

you know that every single day that passes, we always remind you to be thankful of what you have. be happy with what we have. be contantly respectful and courteous to everybody.

i can't help not making a big deal out of this respect thing, because, i also learned this from my parents. same way, we want you to grow up with the proper values intact.

this is all for now.



Monday, October 13, 2008

thanksgiving it is!

dear mazi,

wow, its been over a week since the last time i made a post. work just got in the way, i guess. so much things going on at work, from my usual branch visits to my never-ending tasks in the head office. oh my, here i go again...thing is, i don't, i won't, i shouldn't, complain!! as it is, i am soooo thankful for know, the job, the family, the friends and all the material things i have.

today is Thanksgiving Day!! i'm not really sure how this started but one thing is sure, this is a yearly event that everyone looks forward to. people go gaga preparing lavish dinners or lunches to celebrate this day. we did our own share in the past years. i have prepared or should i say, baked turkeys for the past celebrations. it was fun but labor-intensive.

but yeah today, i always believe that thanksgiving is a daily affair. it maybe is at its peak at today's date but it is usually celebrated by us on a daily basis. you know, being grateful to every little things we get to experience everyday of our lives.

personally, i thank the Lord above for you as you have brought so much joy to mommy and daddy. we celebrate every single day we are together!

of course, as i have said above, we are thankful for all the blessings that go our way. we are thankful for the family that we have, for the friends and for the material things that we have.

thankfully yours,


Sunday, October 5, 2008

embarrassing moments

dear mazi,

last night was so much fun chit chatting with you, your cousins and friends at your cousins house. how coult it not be, we had a wonderful dinner with relatives and family-friends (hot pot, crispy pata, steak and KFC chicken), then, everybody settled to doing their own thing. tita nancy and jay, watching a movie online, some of the kids playing DS and PSP, some of us doing Wii Fit and the others browsing the internet.

then we all settled in the living room to do "Family Feud Game online". oh it was a blast!! we are the noisiest bunch!! good thing the neighbors didn't call RCMP to silence us. the boys won the first game while you guys (girls and ladies) won and the second/rematch game where you even won the 20 thousand bonus money!! wow!!

then, it was getting late, we retreated to ninong jr's room for some fun. we started teasing mikee about her ear then she teased me back about my being overweight and would be perfect as santa claus.

i started telling them about embarrassing moments (which i started by telling them about your classmate 's and your embarrassing moments at school). that set-off everybody by sharing their embarrasing moments. alyssa mentioned a lot (about poo, farting and toilet jokes), same way with mikee. you also shared about farting ang poo while allison had a hard time sharing coz she said she can't remember any. then, of course, alyssa shared so much again.

even mommy, tried to share her embarrassing moments, although we kept on ribbing her about talking in english!! same with ninong jr who shared about that time when he was in high school and had to bring "coleman food container" separated into 3 parts with water, chicken and rice. he dragged it on the floor then all of a sudden, the container opened and all the food and water spilled onto the floor. he had to pick it up and throw away. ending, he didnt have any lunch and had to buy from the cafeteria. im sure he got a lot of teasing from his schoolmates.

i also shared about having my colds ballooned on my nose while talking before. had to pop it coz it was sooo funny and embarrassing!. mommy shared about her recent embarrassing moment while riding the bus going to work in downtown. funny that she tried to knock the door open and shouting to let the driver open the door where in fact it wasnt a bus stop yet. all the other passengers were looking at her with amazement. good thing nobody knows her in that bus. hehehe.

it was a lot of exchanging stories. we all had fun laughing at ourselves and our silly experiences. maybe we can do a lot of these in the future. these are memories that would last. you know, you guys will also talk about it when you grow old/older.

anyway, this is it for now. we'll do some more funny stuff with your friends pretty soon, im sure.

love you,


Monday, September 29, 2008


dear mazi,

it was a smash or should i say i got SMASHED!! oh man, that badminton game we had last saturday was really a total workout for me!! i couldn't remember the last time i sweat that much. it really felt so good!

it was a good decision that we (you, mom and i) joined mom's officemate in their weekly badminton games in the gym. it was worth all the effort, getting out of bed earlier than our usual and dressing up the if we really know how to play the game. boy, we were in for a huge surprise!

i didn't know that mom's friends and her friends were so good at eat...they are really pro!! i mean, taking lessons and religiously going to the gym to practice every week. but me being me, didn't want to lose face, so i stood up to the challenge and played with them for two hours. my oh my, did they really made me work on my game! at least, they are nice bunch of people, so it didn't matter even if we looked so amateur.

the downside is, i have been sore since then. today at work was hard coz i wasn't feeling good. i think i'm getting sick or something.

you also did good in your badminton practice with me and mom. although it was funny that you were using your tennis racket instead of badminton. well, let's see if you want to continue playing, then, we will buy your own badminton racket.

so, how was your monday at school? i'm really happy and proud that you are really doing great in school. and your enthusiasm for studying is really amazing!

well, continue doing what you do best and keep on learning.

love you,


Thursday, September 25, 2008

you can roast me all you want!

dear mazi,

oh, was i glad to be home after that grueling afternoon in the office. so, what's for dinner?

tita nancy did roast chicken with lemongrass and herbs and spring rolls with sweet potato and beets. i quickly made mango salsa to accompany the chicken aside from the gravy that tita nancy did from the drippings. it was sooo good. i saw that you finish a quarter of the chicken and lots of gravy!

as you may have know by now, cooking is my way of de-stressing. good thing that i really love to cook at least it is an easy way to relieve me from my frustration and stress at work.

i know, tomorrow will be a new day. but i am also sure that my work is still there waiting for me. its so hard to be a one-man-department. i am doing everything!!! not that i am complaning, but sometimes it gets frustrating. at least now i have this outlet - blogging!

anyway, i already digressed from the topic above, point is, the dinner was good!! loved it!!

ok, tomorrow, tita nancy will cook arroz caldo coz you just caught the cold bug. oh my. i hope you get well soon!!

love you girl,



dear mazi,

it was a heavy day for daddy. i needed to present to the board of directors (BOD) my audit report to two of our branches. it was tough. i thought it will just be the usual discussion and then that's it. boy, i am wrong. i was in the boardroom for about two hours getting drilled and questioned about every single items in the report. the funny thing is, it wasn't me who was getting blamed but the whole system in the company. its a little bit complicated. i am just so tired of answering all the questions. but then again, it is part of the job!

anyway, i've always aspired to be in a higher position in a company. but as every single day passes, and as getting more exposed to the kind of stress and responsibilities that the bosses here in my office has to endure, i don't think i want to live that kind of life. i have seen how my president and my cfo gained so much weight and aged a lot during the past two years that i was here.

i know this entry is getting boring but what can i do? it's been crappy here at work the past days. i don't know. i'm not feeling too happy these days. i need to do some thinking. oh well, that's the life of an employee.

ok, til here.

love you,


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

perfect test = $5

dear mazi,

it's quite funny that what i've experienced when i started primary school is now being resurrected in you. the only difference is the amount of money involved.

do you know what i'm talking about? its about what your mama odes told you....if you get perfect scores in your exams in school, she will give you $5! wow, that's so generous of mama!! whereas, during our time, my dad and mom would give me a peso(!) you know how much a peso is? the conversion as of today is $1=P45. that just means, your $5 is equivalent to P225 at today's rate. Wow!

but what is funnier is that you didn't want to accept mama's payment to you tonight because you thought mama didn't have much money and you just wanted to earn the money by yourself when you grow older. that was a double wow!! hehehehe.

nonetheless, mom and i are quite impressed with how you are doing in school. we are so happy with how you are progressing. please continue trying and putting your best in everything that you do. stay happy and healthy!!

i love you,


Saturday, September 20, 2008

webkinz galore

dear mazi,

so, are you happy with all the webkinz you got? your collections of webkinz just keeps on growing, of course, thanks to daddy, right? it was funny that i tried to look for it the whole week in the mall in edmonton, but only found one store that sells them $2 more than the ones back in richmond. so, i just gambled on thinking that there will be some of it in the airport. lucky me, err, you, there was this stall that sells all kids' stuff. and again, lucky you, it was on sale, buy 2 take 1 free. that's the reason why you got 3!!

i saw how ecstatic you were when you opened the bag containing them. that made me so happy too. but what really felt great was the hug and kisses you gave me when you see me on the door!! you are soooo sweet!! i hope you will continue to be like that when you grow know, the things we talked about that i am hoping you will be as sweet to daddy even when you are already a teenager or in your twenties. its not wishful thinking, right?

i like your webkinz too, its so cuddly and cute. well, i just hope that this collection will last a little bit longer than the ones you had before.

ok, til my next trip, let's see what else i can find for you.

love you,

Thursday, September 18, 2008


dear mazi,

what do you do when you are bored? are you like me who eats and reads when bored? or maybe you are like mommy who loves to sleep? anyway, it has been a long week for me being away from you and mommy. i'm actually getting tired of doing this visits to our branches. it gets tiring and repetitive.

do you know what is my usual gadgets companion everytime i travel? it is always my laptop (thank God they provided me a new one - lighter and smaller - compared to the one i had for the past 2 yrs), my pda, my ipod and my small wallet. oh and of course my digital camera. see, im so bored, this post has no substance. hehehe.

i am so looking forward going home tomorrow. i cant get enough sleep in the hotel, i am missing our bed. plus i guess, there is really nothing to do here after office hours. can you believe, my routine for the past 4 days have been, go to work, go back to the hotel, freshen up, get dinner outside, go back to the hotel, watch tv, sleep, then go to work again. i tried to go to the gym the other day, it was good coz after i finished, i went straight to the hot tub. i have the whole pool and hot tub to myself.

so, how about you? how's school? are you still doing good in school? i'll talk to you later.

love you,


Tuesday, September 16, 2008


dear mazi,

i'm currently working on one of our old branches here in edmonton. it is really in a sad state. the carpets are so old and dilapidated, there's dust all over the place and to top it all, there is no roof insulation (as if you know what i mean). it is so warm today and since i am sitting in one of the desks in the mezzanine floor, it was so tough, i am having a terrible headache now.

i also had a very stressful discussion with one of the salesman here coz of salary issues. you know, if i can only give them the raise they're wanting, i would love to but it's not up to me. i hope, though, that the management will look into it because it has been a recurring issue since the time i work for this company. good thing, i am happy with what i am getting (if they will raise it too, i will be very happy!).

anyway, day is almost done again, three more days and i will be back home. im missing you and mommy a lot. our little fights and hugs and bike rides and all other silly stuff we do.

i'm wrapping up now coz i'm so tired and sleepy. i wasn't able to get enough sleep last night. i am again suffering from problem sleeping in other beds. or maybe im just making some excuses.

see you my princess,


Monday, September 15, 2008

Location: Edmonton

dear mazi,

i'm bored! guess what, daddy is sooo sleepy. didn't get enough sleep last night. although it was fun hearing you read the archie comics to me. then, you fell asleep. oh well. the flight this morning from vancouver to edmonton was uneventful. it was the usual boarding, fly, touch down kind of routine.

now, im at work but can't seem to put things together. i've been staring at my two screens for the past 2 hours. i'm wishing that time flies so i could go back home soon. oh well, part of the job, i.e., for me to travel and visit our other locations.

i might meet with tita yna's siblings here though, so that would be another thing different. im sure they will again prepare lots of food which of course will put my diet plan off track again.

ok, take care of mommy, keep her company tonight and the next 3 nights. i will be back friday afternoon. have you thought of something for me to bring from here? drop me a note or a call when you get the chance.

love you,


Saturday, September 13, 2008


dear mazi,

wow, last night was a blast. i took off from work at noontime to pick up your bday cake and to grab a bunch of crabs and a couple of fresh-looking fish.

when i get to the house, nancy was already so busy preparing the feast for the celebration of your bday. so, i jumped in and started prepping the fish and the crabs. just as planned, i cooked sole and tilapia ala pobre and chili garlic crabs. i also set-up the wonton shells and the condiments for tacos.

while you were upstairs playing with your friends from school (anika and donna), we started moving the food to the clubhouse. at this time, your cousins arrived with ninong jr and tito alvin. they went to the pool and had a great swim. you wanted to join them but mom and i didnt allow you coz your friends wont have nobody to play with. so you guys just instead went to the theater room and had fun playing and watching videos.

your lolo and lola arrived just few minutes after we set up the buffet. went to the food straight coz they said they're starving. after that, other guests and friends started to arrive.

you were so happy to have received so many gifts, most of them money as what you have wanted. they were also all praises of the food. we had quite a good spread. from the wonton tacos to the customary noodles. as expected, dad's chili garlic crabs was a hit and so with the fish ala pobre. it was heartwarming to see and hear people appreciating our cooking. it was all worth the effort.

the adults also had a few drinks while all of you kids were at the theather room having fun.

all in all, it was again a wonderful gathering with family and friends to celebrate your 8th birthday.

let's see what we will be having next year.

til then,



Wednesday, September 10, 2008


dear mazi,

today was a slow day for daddy. i kept on yawning in the office the whole day. nothing much to talk about my work coz its all the same sh*t anyway.

oh, before i forget, i already finalized my trip to edmonton on monday. i will be there the whole week (5 days) so it will be just you and mommy again (of course, tita nancy will be just in another room. keep mommy company in our room on the nights that i am away, ok?

i'll see what i can get for you on this trip to edmonton. i know you loved the surpise webkinz i brought home from my trip to calgary. would you like some more webkinz or you want something else?

i am excited for your birthday celebration on friday. me and tita nancy are going to cook a lot again. mommy will take care of some desserts and other stuff for you. our friends and family already confirmed their attendance to your party. it will be a blast, im sure.

anyway, i'll try to do another post tomorrow, something more sensible, hehehe.



Tuesday, September 9, 2008

today you are 8

dear mazi,

how time flies.... today, you turn 8! i've always wanted to document our small family's activities since you came to our lives. from the time mommy had you in her tummy to the day you were born and to the days that followed.

anyway, this is just my first entry to this blogworld where my main objective is to document our lives stories so that when we grow older and wiser, we will have something to read together, to reminisce together, and to laugh together.

let this blog be the witness to our journey in what we all call life...

i love you my dear princess, happy birthday!! remember that daddy and mommy will always be here for you.