Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Honey!

dear mazi,

today's post is about mom's birthday.

how time flies, honey. we maybe 36 but sure it still feels like we are in our 20's. we may not be as active (?!) as we were during those years but the feeling is still as intense and passion-filled!

soon, we will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary which somehow still seemed like yesterday when we had that momentous event.

mazi is turning nine next month which as a very young kid already showed so much maturity and promise. making waves in everything she does!

in a little over 4 months, the newest addition to the family will come. oh, how excited we are!

from the day to day grind and challenges we faced when we were starting out in the phils, to the biggest move that we made here in canada, it has been and will always be a testament to our love and desire to be together until the end.

we have met so many trials along the way, we weathered them all! life as it is, is already full of mysteries, yet we do conquer and celebrate them! as always, any change is a welcome to our daily lives.

honey, for the past 18 years that i have known you, i have always focused on what i liked about you! celebrate each other's triumphs and joys! held your hand and always at your side during trying times. savored every moment of romance, cheers on every accolades thrown at you!

oh how beautiful this union is. i could never ask for a better person to be with as you are already chosen as the best one for me! i will never say we complement nor complete each other since that is not the case for us. instead i would say, we are made to be together, sharing every breath, touching each lives, making a difference... oh what a joy!

honey, simply put, I LOVE YOU!


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