Tuesday, March 24, 2009


dear mazi,

on friday, we will be going home. we will be going to the Philippines! after more than five years, we are finally pushing our plan to go and visit our home country. this is really exciting!

we have so many things planned out to accomplish in this trip. from meeting with friends and relatives to trips to glorious beaches and various interesting locations.

it will also a good time for you to know more about the culture and the lives back where we started. this is one way of us letting you get in touch with your roots and also get learnings on how different your life here in Canada compared to the other kids there.

im pretty sure we will have loads of fun. with all relatives and friends who will go out of their way just to give us a wonderful vacation/experience.

it will be a very expensive trip but i know it is going to be worth every single penny.

im also very excited to see my mom, its been five years since i came back.

we will try to document this trip as detailed as possible, with pictures, videos and what nots.

this is going to be awesome.




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