Monday, September 29, 2008


dear mazi,

it was a smash or should i say i got SMASHED!! oh man, that badminton game we had last saturday was really a total workout for me!! i couldn't remember the last time i sweat that much. it really felt so good!

it was a good decision that we (you, mom and i) joined mom's officemate in their weekly badminton games in the gym. it was worth all the effort, getting out of bed earlier than our usual and dressing up the if we really know how to play the game. boy, we were in for a huge surprise!

i didn't know that mom's friends and her friends were so good at eat...they are really pro!! i mean, taking lessons and religiously going to the gym to practice every week. but me being me, didn't want to lose face, so i stood up to the challenge and played with them for two hours. my oh my, did they really made me work on my game! at least, they are nice bunch of people, so it didn't matter even if we looked so amateur.

the downside is, i have been sore since then. today at work was hard coz i wasn't feeling good. i think i'm getting sick or something.

you also did good in your badminton practice with me and mom. although it was funny that you were using your tennis racket instead of badminton. well, let's see if you want to continue playing, then, we will buy your own badminton racket.

so, how was your monday at school? i'm really happy and proud that you are really doing great in school. and your enthusiasm for studying is really amazing!

well, continue doing what you do best and keep on learning.

love you,


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