Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Days Inn is OUT!!!

dear Mazi,

guess what happened to me last night? well, i'm here in saskatoon since monday for my regular visit of the branch here. last week, i tried to book my accommodation in the usual hotel/s i normally stayed in. unfortunately, all of these hotels are fully booked for the week. so, i ended up booking at days inn for the first time. i tried to read the feedback about the hotel and seemed ok, so i proceed. i agreed that i'll be moving rooms on the 3 nights that i am at the hotel since on the second night, they dont have an available non-smoking room.

monday night came, i was ushered to my room. it looks ok. you would have loved the pool though as they have a nice run-around slide and a nice jacuzzi. i didnt try it though coz i was too tired. i was informed by the front desk that i can leave my luggage the following morning to them so they'll just move it to the new smoking room assigned to me. i did not leave my luggage the following morning as i dont trust them well enough.

anyway, the night came and i went back to the hotel, lo and behold, they cancelled my reservation and was told that there was no room for me. HUH?!!! obviously, my being "antipatiko" and "stand up for my right" attitude came out again!! they heard good words from me, so of course they relented and provided me a room. it is on a smoking room, no luck for a non-smoking one. well, i'll take it coz i dont want to sleep on the road. heh!

my gosh, i will never stay in a smoking room ever again!! i think i was only able to sleep for about a few hours. getting up in the middle of my sleep coz of breathing problems. my eyes seemed puffy and my nose keeps on clogging. its like being put in a smoking chamber... im exhagerating, of course, but you get the drift.

that was so unhealthy. that room really sucks. i mean who could sleep or stay in such a room? so, for all of you out there, NEVER EVER stay in a smoking room. and for those who smokes, PLEASE PLEASE SMOKE OUTSIDE OF THE BUILDING. you are not doing any good to yourself and to other people!!

so there, that is my rant for the day!!

oh ok, tonight is my last night in the hotel. i will be staying in a non-smoking room, thank God!

there you go,


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