Monday, November 24, 2008

rough week...make it weeks

dear mazi,

gosh, it's been ages since the last time i made an entry. but anyway, this one will be short. i just want to air out this bad weeks that have happening with me and your mom. no, don't get me wrong, it is not our relationship, it is related to work, our respective jobs and some more. the relationship's been always better if not great.

i am just in an unenviable position at work due to some "issues" with nasty stuff, you know, things that people do that hurts not just one but the whole. but that kind of activities where they will somehow end up in jail. well, anyway, i was beating myself up for not discovering it earlier and had the company suffer for more than a year. if it had been caught earlier, we wouldn't have to write off millions of dollars. oh well. i just felt that i was not able to really show them that i am really good at my job. but you know, i have to move on, just like what my boss has told me. so....that's it.

mom's having issues with her tax and work. hopefully, it will get sorted out pretty soon as it might affect our financials. the work side, hopefully, something or an opportunity will come up close to where we live so that she can move closer to home and be happy again with her job. it is just a constant and daily struggle for her to go to work. of course, if i have a way, or if we are earning more than enough, maybe mommy does not need to work and just take care of you everyday. but things are different here. so, let us not give more headache and stress to mommy, ok? let's just be with her and make her laugh all the time.

as you know, we try to avoid bringing issues like this at home coz it certainly affects our daily lives. don't worry mommy and daddy are trying hard to do the best they can so we can have a happy home!!!!

we love you.


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