Wednesday, November 5, 2008


dear mazi,

we had a blast trick or treating with your friends, that is for sure! this year was a bit different from previous halloween celebration we had. this time, you requested that you will be with your friends from school instead of going to your cousins' house and their friends. we were actually surprised that you wanted to do it your way this time. imagine, weeks before you already had it planned with your friends, you know, the slumber party and the trick or treating together.
so hey, mommy and i are not complaining, whatever works for you! so, this year, you wanted to be a scary vampire!! it worked quite well. you wore your costume in school the whole day. then, in the evening, we went with you and your friends to do trick or treating to the neighboring houses/apartments. daddy wore a somewhat a-scary red mask while mommy was in her purple wig. it was sooo much fun. i decided to join you and your friends from asking treats to the neighbors. i had a blast. imagine, i got the same amount of candies and chocolates as you are.
so, all in all, it was great. later that night, we went back home and asked some family friends to come over for some drinks.
it was all good. til next year!! let's see what costumes we are gonna be wearing then.



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