Wednesday, February 4, 2009

mom's 25 random

dear mazi,

as promised, here's mom's 25 random things (she also posted this in her facebook account):

1 - I wonder why we have to work to survive and study again after studying for 15 years of our life.
2 - I miss my college friends, the true friends that I have. After school, we all worked in SGV and even after SGV we still get-together on weekends and special occasions. There is no dull moment, our fave pastime: make fun of other people.
3 - I remember always cutting classes in my first 2 yrs in univ, we'll spend it at the coop eating fishballs and squidballs. Since we're allowed up to 10 absences, we'll cut up to 8 classes per subject...hahahahha
4 - I have always been tardy to school from elem to college. REally notorious for being tardy. In HS, they lock the gate then late students have to repeat the flag ceremony and morning prayers. I was even sent to the principal for too much tardiness...hahahaha. In univ, I always get a morning jog from Espana to Commerce bldg trying to caltch my first class. Hingal na hingal pag pasok ng classrom!
5 - I never really made up my mind what I really wanted to be, I'm not a career person but fate led me to be. I'm happy with what I've accomplished so far.
6 - I started goingt to school and riding the jeepney in grade 4. Mama will take me to ride then I'm on my own.
7 - In HS, there was a time the teacher was late and the class was so noisy and I was one of the people sent to the dean's office to explain...leader in noisy list!
8 - In univ, there was a time a lot of students were absent in the class and the profesor asked me to explain the following day, bakit laging ako hindi naman ako class president? hahahaha
9 - I have the perfect cheatmate in 1st and 2nd yr college, if it's multiple choice, we have ballpen positioning for A, B C, D and E!
10 - When I was a kid, I remember every summer time, the whole Quejado clan will go to my lolo's resthouse in Zambales, there we'll play blackjack the whole day if we're not in the beach then if we lose, our lolo will give us back our money.
11 - I remember every time we'll go to BAguio, my lolo Quejado always buy lots of tinapa and we'll always have it for breakfast with lots of tomatoes at nagkakamay pa!
12 - When I was yournger, I'd always have green mangoes for breakfast with fish sauce and spicy vinegar.
13 - I remember when Mama cooks something with soup, she has to put extra soup 'cause I'd always have 2 to 3 servings of it.
14 - I love ketchup growing up but not that much anymore.
15 - If there is something I will change in my physical appearance, it would be my skin. At 35, I'm still fighting pimples. I hate it!
16 - Up to now, I still remind zoi about not letting me copy his answers in exams, I tell him he's selfish..hahahahah.
17 - I have always been scared of sleeping alone. If I'm still not married up to now, I'd probably had a heart attack already.
18 - I want to have another baby so Mazi has someone growing up with her and they can take care of each other when we're gone.
19 - I'm so thankful I have Zoi for my husband 'cause I don't think anybody else can stand me...hahahahha...
20 - I remember when I was attending my review classes for the board exam, we eat spaghetti with ketchup sauce (cause it was cheap) in a house in front of Shakeys and we said if we pass, we'd eat the spaghetti in Shakeys. We passed but we didn't go back to that Shakeys anyways.
21 - My family is my heart and soul. I love and I live because of them.
22 - I want to learn how to swim but I don't know how. I don't want to go to swimming classes at my age.
23 - My daughter is the sweetest person. She'd really show you how much she loves you. She'd make me breakfast in bed every now and then, usually cereals cause that what she knows to prepare. When I'd go home before, Mazi always have a card for me with I love you.
24 - I wish I win the lotto. I'd give money to my family, friends and relatives so they don't have to work. Then I will build schools in the Phils for the poor children.
25 - I want to retire in a home by the water, have morning walks with zoi and watch the sunset. I want to retire at age 40!!!

Ang haba pala ng random things ko! Sensya na ngayon lang ako nagsulat.

am i so different from mom?

love you,


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