Thursday, December 4, 2008

NINE Wonderful Years and counting....

dear mazi,

today, december 4th, marks the 9th wedding anniversary of your mom and i!! it's been 9 years since we committed to each other undying love and support to one another sealed by the sacrament of marriage and witnessed by all of our loved ones and friends. how time is still seemed like yesterday. memories the union are still crystal clear in our minds, the happiness and the excitement filled the church and the reception room on that day. there were some glithces though, but those were drowned by the wonderful memories that happened that night.

i love and continue to love your mom. she's my bestfriend and my anchor. she makes me better and whole. we continue to cherish the foundation of our relationship which is love and trust with the continuing guidance and blessings from the BIG GUY above. Having you nine months after the wedding was the perfect gift and the greatest blessing of all.

the marriage that we have continues to be a work in progress as there is really no perfect marriage. we keep on making each other better for one another. we continue to love and value the relationship that we have. having you make this union a lot tighter than it already is.

so, tonight, mommy and daddy are going to a wonderful intimate dinner just like the old days, to again look back and enjoy the memories of the great day we had on December 4, 1999.

we will have a dinner celebration with our relatives in our house tomorrow to celebrate this 9th wedding anniversary again.

this is all for now,

we love you!


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