Thursday, December 11, 2008

It is our 5th Anniversary here in Canada!

dear mazi,

today marks our 5th year here in Canada. wow, how time flies!!!! it feels like few weeks or months ago.

first, we thank the BIG GUY up there for giving us this opportunity to move here in Canada. It has been and continues to be a wonderful place to live in. With the five years, so many things have happened to us. More of the great ones!!! memories have been etched to our minds, new friends connected, work-life improvements, great travels around and so on and so forth!

credit for this opportunity to live here also goes to your Tito Alvin as he basically paved the way for all of us. we wouldn't consider moving here had he not migrated here first. they persuaded us to make the decision to jump in as well.

it was a courageous decision for myself and your mom as we really didn't know what lies ahead in this country. back in the Philippines, we were working in some good companies holding respectable positions. although, we knew that it will be a long while before we will be able to afford the things that we want in life, we know that we are ok there. at the same time, we are also adventurous and wanted to make a change, so we decided to try our luck here.

the first year here in canada was a little difficult since you have to make so many adjustments. from weather conditions to working environment. career advancement is harder since they generally dont recognize what we had achieved back home. mommy and i persevered, with the continues guidance of the Lord, we were able to achieve things that are somehow harder to get.

it is still a work-in-progress for us but we know that with HIM looking after us, we will always be in the good if not better!

i hope we would be able to proceed with our plans to visit the Philippines this spring so we can revisit the places we hang out before, reconnect with friends and most of all, be with our families.

i always say that we are so fortunate to have what we have now. and as always, we are gratefull for all these blessings.

so, let's continue the journey and go in the path that the Good Lord has laid for us.

we love you,


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