Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008..the year that was! 2009...charging ahead!!

dear mazi,

today is the last of the year 2008 and i am currently holed up in our branch here in abbotsford. i needed to drive here (about an hour and a half drive) to observe the inventory taking. mommy is also at work today, eventhough she was not feeling well, because of some urgent matters.

anyway, i would like to sum up here the year 2008.... and also to look forward to what we will be planning for 2009.

here it goes....

2008 started a little bit differenct for daddy and mommy. daddy became so busy working on a project at work. i generally worked from 8am to 11pm everyday from january to july. i even went to work on weekends due to the heavy work load. i was trying to resolve some big problems in one of our branch. it was a tough first half of the year for daddy. there were times that we have to spend lunch or dinner at my work during weekends because i still can not go home. you and mommy just brought me some food to share. you also met my boss and had a little chat with him.

mommy's first half of the year was "uneventful" because she decided to take a break from corporate life. she was taking care of you full time. you were sooo happy that you get to bond with mommy everyday. she brings and picks you up from school and other activities every single day.

last april, we had our cousins from australia staying in our place for almost two weeks. that was a really good break for daddy from work. we drove around and ate to so many different restaurants during that visit. we went to seattle and stayed overnight at hampton inn near boeing plant at everett. it was great times. you were able to play and got to know your cousins way better. we had the tour of boeing plant where you got to try the simulated flight in a fighter jet. it was awesome (coz daddy tried it too!).

we had a wonderful time with uncle naz, auntie rin, nj and ot. and so with the dadamias although they stayed with tito alvin's place.

after they left, mommy started to look for a job. she wanted to go back to workforce (we needed to augment our income coz we needed to buy some more of this and some more of that!! hehehe). Before she got back to work, we decided to do a quick trip to san diego and los angeles.

that was the beginning of june. we flew from seattle. we stayed overnight at tito sime's place and had him drove and picked us up at the airport. lolo nonoy drove to la to pick us up. we stayed at their place for two nights. on the day we arrived, he brought us to ruby diner in the middle of the beach at oceanside, ca where he lives together with lola elsa. it was great. we got to see so many things in that area. you even wanted to swim!!!

we went to legoland for a whole day with mommy. it was soooo much fun. see the picture banner in this blog, that was one of your pics at legoland. a lot of people are staring at you coz you were so japorms. they said that you are so fashionable. wow!! we were so tired after that whole day visit. it was well worth it though. oh i should not forget that you got your first driver's license at legoland too. you had so much fun driving that volvo car.

our last night at san diego was spent having dinner in one of the thai resto there together with lolo nonoy and tita candy. oh before i forget, were able to try again jollibee and red ribbon restaurant. after almost 5 years we were able to eat jollibee chicken again....and again, coz that was what we had also when we went back to la. oh the ensaymada and ube cake were great too!!

the following day, we were driven back to la by lola elsa. we went back to universal studios. remember we went there when you were only 4? universal studios was on the news that day because of the fire that gotten one of the production area. but still, the park is open for us to explore and enjoy. and enjoyed we did!!!

we had lots of fun going thru the rides and watching some shows. i must admit, the best ride was when we got into the jurassic park boat. it was awesome!! you were so brave!! we again watched waterworld and got inside the horror house. (i think this is where you lost your sunglasses.

anyway, it was soooo much fun. you, mommy and i had a blast. we went back to the hotel dead tired. still, we tried to drive around la especially the beach area.

the following day, before heading to the airport, we went to the hollywood area where we took pictures (tons of them) of the handprints and some guys/gals in customer. we also walked around beverly hills and ogle at some of the wonderful items there. we also drove to one of the beach to have our pictures taken. you were frolicking in the sand and didnt want to go. just goes to show how much you love the beach or water in general.

to be continued....

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