Thursday, September 25, 2008


dear mazi,

it was a heavy day for daddy. i needed to present to the board of directors (BOD) my audit report to two of our branches. it was tough. i thought it will just be the usual discussion and then that's it. boy, i am wrong. i was in the boardroom for about two hours getting drilled and questioned about every single items in the report. the funny thing is, it wasn't me who was getting blamed but the whole system in the company. its a little bit complicated. i am just so tired of answering all the questions. but then again, it is part of the job!

anyway, i've always aspired to be in a higher position in a company. but as every single day passes, and as getting more exposed to the kind of stress and responsibilities that the bosses here in my office has to endure, i don't think i want to live that kind of life. i have seen how my president and my cfo gained so much weight and aged a lot during the past two years that i was here.

i know this entry is getting boring but what can i do? it's been crappy here at work the past days. i don't know. i'm not feeling too happy these days. i need to do some thinking. oh well, that's the life of an employee.

ok, til here.

love you,


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