Wednesday, September 24, 2008

perfect test = $5

dear mazi,

it's quite funny that what i've experienced when i started primary school is now being resurrected in you. the only difference is the amount of money involved.

do you know what i'm talking about? its about what your mama odes told you....if you get perfect scores in your exams in school, she will give you $5! wow, that's so generous of mama!! whereas, during our time, my dad and mom would give me a peso(!) you know how much a peso is? the conversion as of today is $1=P45. that just means, your $5 is equivalent to P225 at today's rate. Wow!

but what is funnier is that you didn't want to accept mama's payment to you tonight because you thought mama didn't have much money and you just wanted to earn the money by yourself when you grow older. that was a double wow!! hehehehe.

nonetheless, mom and i are quite impressed with how you are doing in school. we are so happy with how you are progressing. please continue trying and putting your best in everything that you do. stay happy and healthy!!

i love you,


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