Saturday, September 13, 2008


dear mazi,

wow, last night was a blast. i took off from work at noontime to pick up your bday cake and to grab a bunch of crabs and a couple of fresh-looking fish.

when i get to the house, nancy was already so busy preparing the feast for the celebration of your bday. so, i jumped in and started prepping the fish and the crabs. just as planned, i cooked sole and tilapia ala pobre and chili garlic crabs. i also set-up the wonton shells and the condiments for tacos.

while you were upstairs playing with your friends from school (anika and donna), we started moving the food to the clubhouse. at this time, your cousins arrived with ninong jr and tito alvin. they went to the pool and had a great swim. you wanted to join them but mom and i didnt allow you coz your friends wont have nobody to play with. so you guys just instead went to the theater room and had fun playing and watching videos.

your lolo and lola arrived just few minutes after we set up the buffet. went to the food straight coz they said they're starving. after that, other guests and friends started to arrive.

you were so happy to have received so many gifts, most of them money as what you have wanted. they were also all praises of the food. we had quite a good spread. from the wonton tacos to the customary noodles. as expected, dad's chili garlic crabs was a hit and so with the fish ala pobre. it was heartwarming to see and hear people appreciating our cooking. it was all worth the effort.

the adults also had a few drinks while all of you kids were at the theather room having fun.

all in all, it was again a wonderful gathering with family and friends to celebrate your 8th birthday.

let's see what we will be having next year.

til then,



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