Tuesday, September 16, 2008


dear mazi,

i'm currently working on one of our old branches here in edmonton. it is really in a sad state. the carpets are so old and dilapidated, there's dust all over the place and to top it all, there is no roof insulation (as if you know what i mean). it is so warm today and since i am sitting in one of the desks in the mezzanine floor, it was so tough, i am having a terrible headache now.

i also had a very stressful discussion with one of the salesman here coz of salary issues. you know, if i can only give them the raise they're wanting, i would love to but it's not up to me. i hope, though, that the management will look into it because it has been a recurring issue since the time i work for this company. good thing, i am happy with what i am getting (if they will raise it too, i will be very happy!).

anyway, day is almost done again, three more days and i will be back home. im missing you and mommy a lot. our little fights and hugs and bike rides and all other silly stuff we do.

i'm wrapping up now coz i'm so tired and sleepy. i wasn't able to get enough sleep last night. i am again suffering from problem sleeping in other beds. or maybe im just making some excuses.

see you my princess,


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