Thursday, September 25, 2008

you can roast me all you want!

dear mazi,

oh, was i glad to be home after that grueling afternoon in the office. so, what's for dinner?

tita nancy did roast chicken with lemongrass and herbs and spring rolls with sweet potato and beets. i quickly made mango salsa to accompany the chicken aside from the gravy that tita nancy did from the drippings. it was sooo good. i saw that you finish a quarter of the chicken and lots of gravy!

as you may have know by now, cooking is my way of de-stressing. good thing that i really love to cook at least it is an easy way to relieve me from my frustration and stress at work.

i know, tomorrow will be a new day. but i am also sure that my work is still there waiting for me. its so hard to be a one-man-department. i am doing everything!!! not that i am complaning, but sometimes it gets frustrating. at least now i have this outlet - blogging!

anyway, i already digressed from the topic above, point is, the dinner was good!! loved it!!

ok, tomorrow, tita nancy will cook arroz caldo coz you just caught the cold bug. oh my. i hope you get well soon!!

love you girl,


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