Wednesday, September 10, 2008


dear mazi,

today was a slow day for daddy. i kept on yawning in the office the whole day. nothing much to talk about my work coz its all the same sh*t anyway.

oh, before i forget, i already finalized my trip to edmonton on monday. i will be there the whole week (5 days) so it will be just you and mommy again (of course, tita nancy will be just in another room. keep mommy company in our room on the nights that i am away, ok?

i'll see what i can get for you on this trip to edmonton. i know you loved the surpise webkinz i brought home from my trip to calgary. would you like some more webkinz or you want something else?

i am excited for your birthday celebration on friday. me and tita nancy are going to cook a lot again. mommy will take care of some desserts and other stuff for you. our friends and family already confirmed their attendance to your party. it will be a blast, im sure.

anyway, i'll try to do another post tomorrow, something more sensible, hehehe.



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