Saturday, September 20, 2008

webkinz galore

dear mazi,

so, are you happy with all the webkinz you got? your collections of webkinz just keeps on growing, of course, thanks to daddy, right? it was funny that i tried to look for it the whole week in the mall in edmonton, but only found one store that sells them $2 more than the ones back in richmond. so, i just gambled on thinking that there will be some of it in the airport. lucky me, err, you, there was this stall that sells all kids' stuff. and again, lucky you, it was on sale, buy 2 take 1 free. that's the reason why you got 3!!

i saw how ecstatic you were when you opened the bag containing them. that made me so happy too. but what really felt great was the hug and kisses you gave me when you see me on the door!! you are soooo sweet!! i hope you will continue to be like that when you grow know, the things we talked about that i am hoping you will be as sweet to daddy even when you are already a teenager or in your twenties. its not wishful thinking, right?

i like your webkinz too, its so cuddly and cute. well, i just hope that this collection will last a little bit longer than the ones you had before.

ok, til my next trip, let's see what else i can find for you.

love you,

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