Monday, September 15, 2008

Location: Edmonton

dear mazi,

i'm bored! guess what, daddy is sooo sleepy. didn't get enough sleep last night. although it was fun hearing you read the archie comics to me. then, you fell asleep. oh well. the flight this morning from vancouver to edmonton was uneventful. it was the usual boarding, fly, touch down kind of routine.

now, im at work but can't seem to put things together. i've been staring at my two screens for the past 2 hours. i'm wishing that time flies so i could go back home soon. oh well, part of the job, i.e., for me to travel and visit our other locations.

i might meet with tita yna's siblings here though, so that would be another thing different. im sure they will again prepare lots of food which of course will put my diet plan off track again.

ok, take care of mommy, keep her company tonight and the next 3 nights. i will be back friday afternoon. have you thought of something for me to bring from here? drop me a note or a call when you get the chance.

love you,


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